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What Is Mademill

  • At MadeMill, our team of design professionals deliver products and services from our headquarters at the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards in Ottawa. MadeMill and the Innovation Centre are funded in part by generous contributions by the FedDev Ontario program, the City of Ottawa and the Government of Ontario. Our mission is to make product creation and social innovation accessible, adordable, and above all connect the many services and resources necessary to move an idea into reality.

    Bayview Yards has quickly become the hub for creators and designers to advance their ideas into commercial successes. There has never been a better time to mix together ideas, skills, and technologies to build the world of tomorrow. MadeMill is the Advanced Digital Media Lab and the Makerspace located at Bayview Yards. In the Advanced Digital Media Lab, we tell stories by using cutting edge equipment, VR, Augmented Reality, 4.6k cameras, drones, audio production and much more. In the Makerspace, we use advanced manufacturing techniques with tools including a waterjet cutter, CNC router, welding, and a variety of 3d printers to physically create products.


  • Come to Ottawa to innovate your art, using cutting edge technology and equipment. AIR REMIX will support 36 artists and designers from a wide range of disciplines in the global march towards innovation. Participants in the 3-week AIR REMIX nurture their ideas from a conceptual stage to a tangible prototype while pushing the envelope on fabrication, manufacturing, digital media and art.

  • Over the course of a year, MadeMill will offer 36, 3 week long residency positions, that facilitate the exploration of technology in conjunction with creativity. The program provides residents with:



MadeMill will provide a workspace that includes a desk, a laptop, access to a working office, space to rehearse, experiment and create, with limited space to store materials



Our experts will help you maximize your project by providing you with up to 21 hours weekly, offering you insight and direction as you work through your creative process. Our staff will work with you to ensure full benefits of available equipment



The Digital Media Lab houses VR, Augmented Reality, 4.6k cameras, drones, audio production and more. In our Makerspace, your project will profit from our advanced manufacturing tools like a waterjet cutter, a CNC machine, welding and 3d printers.



We believe that art and the creative process have value. Successful applicants will receive $2,250 in artists fees and an additional $450 supply budget (some terms apply).


The creative process will be well documented, using photos, videos, podcasts and more, all produced using MadeMill's top of the line digital media equipment (provided in kind by MadeMill).

Meet the Team


Janak Alford

CEO of PrototypeD

Renaissance man of the modern era


Thomas Radford

Programs Manager

Will help you navigate the space


Jason Alford

Makerspace Director

Maker extraordinaire will provide insights into advanced manufacturing.


Justin Holness

Digital Media Director

Will help you craft your story and bring your idea to your audience


  • Through online open source sharing, artists collaborate to learn from each other and remix content and creations into something new.


  • Applications will be accepted until 5pm on November 25th. MadeMill has amassed a jury of leaders in the arts, design, manufacturing and media fields to review submissions. Applicants will be considered based on creativity, feasibility, and innovative approach. Successful residents will be notified the week of November 25th.


  1. 1.) Create a concept for a project at that pushes the boundaries of your art using the equipment and capabilities at MadeMill

  2. 2.) MadeMill showcases your creation for 6 months

  3. 3.) Be self directed and arrive open to experiment with new technologies

  4. 4.) Participate in 2 public workshops throughout your residency, encouraging public attendees to explore the creative process and engage with the artists.

  5. 5.) Be willing to talk about your project on camera, and open to podcasting and social media

  6. 6.) Adhere to the MadeMill Code of Conduct, including following all health and safety requirements, and work in a respectful manner alongside other artists, staff and guests.

More Information

About Key dates, Deadlines, and Legal Documentation

Key Dates

  • October 25
    Registration Opens
  • November 25
    Registration Closes
  • November 26
    Jury Reviews Submission
  • November 27
    Successful participants notified
  • April 26
    Art party showcasing selected works

Deadlines for Submissions

The deadline for submissions is November 25th.
Submit a project brief that includes:

  • Artist Statement (500 words or less)
  • Project Budget
  • Timeline
  • CV and 3 references
  • Proof of a police record check
  • Portfolio of past works


* Artists Service Contract subject to change at any time without notice

Press Release


Why are we the best in the world?

We are uniquely placed at at Bayview Yards in the heart of Ottawa. We have an amazing opportunity through FedDev to support artists, and to advance their ideas into successes.

Where is Ottawa?

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, located on the banks of the picturesque Ottawa river, and strategically right between Toronto and Montreal. Home to many beautiful attractions such as Parliament Hill and the Byward Market, Ottawa is a hub of innovation, creativity, government and technology

Where is 7 Bayview?

Located near Ottawa’s Chinatown and Hintonburg neighborhoods, and walking distance to public transportation, 7 Bayview is Bayview Yards Innovation Centre (BY), home to MadeMill (an Advanced Digital Media Lab and Makerspace). BY is a refurbished city of Ottawa building with an industrial past. BY highlights the history of the building with architecture that breathes new life into its industrial roots with beautiful murals, lots of natural light, and plenty of room to work.

Is MadeMill Accessible?

BY and MadeMill has Disabled Access

What is prototypeD

prototypeD TEAM Inc. is an ottawa-based collaborative design studio. In addition to operating MadeMill, we deliver solutions to make this world a better place through our innovative green building projects, digital tools and resources, and our collaborations with partners. We follow the motto: Give Back, Make Well, Live Free.

Why would an artist want to work here?

To push the potential of their craft by leveraging the latest technologies and processes.

Why now?

There has never been a better time to mix together ideas, skills, and technologies to build the world of tomorrow and change the way the world sees art. MadeMill Launched in June 2017, and is actively working with clients from across Canada. We have the team and resources to help build new products and are leveraging this to help you to make your creative and artistic pursuits successful.

What access to equipment and staff do I get at MadeMill?

You will have your own workstation, access to a PC laptop for use at MadeMill, access to equipment, at the sole discretion of MadeMill staff, training in the Digital Media Lab, and access to the capabilities of the Makerspace. MadeMill staff will facilitate access to equipment with scheduled support. During the course of the residency you will have up to 3 hours weekly with Makerspace Director Jason Alford, who will provide insights into advanced manufacturing. You will have up to 1 hour daily with Tom O’Leary (aka Tick Tock Tom), Metal Sculptor and Makerspace Assistant. Up to 3 hours weekly with Justin Holness, MadeMill’s Digital Media Director, who will help you craft your story and guide you in reaching your audience. If you need help with software development or graphic design, we have staff that can help. Thomas Radford, Programs Manager, will help keep you on track and point you in the right direction with up to 2 hours daily to help you navigate the space, the program and assist with any troubleshooting you may encounter. Restrictions, operational priorities, vacations, sick days, events, tours may factor into your support time

How do I make this a success?

Prepare in advance, do as much research as you can on the technology and equipment you hope to leverage. Be open minded, self directed, ask questions when needed and manage your time. It’s important you come prepared with your designs, files, materials and questions in advance to benefit fully from staff support. Be realistic with what you hope to accomplish, keep in mind the program is about process and experimentation.

Why are you paying people?

We believe art has potential to open new ways of thinking and make our community a more dynamic environment. Art has value, we believe in paying artists for their work and time.

Who owns my work?

You own your work fully. MadeMill requires for you to share some of your concept work (think sketches and playing around with the equipment) and experiments so we may make them available as open source material online.

What does MadeMill own or has rights to?

MadeMill has the right to hold your creation for 6 months and display it, a permanent non-exclusive right to the design and images of the work, the right to utilize this work for promotion and to support creative processes. MadeMill also owns the content of workshops.

What does open-source mean?

For AIR Remix you are free to: Share (copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format), Adapt (remix, transform, and build upon the material) for non-commercial purposes. Have a look at . This means that your work will be made available by us as open source reference material that may be used by others for non-commercial purposes only, as long as you (and us) are credited. All other intellectual property rights you may have are expressly reserved.

What if I want to patent, trademark, copyright or commercialize this idea and need to keep this under wraps?

We love telling stories at MadeMill, and with AIR REMIX we are looking for big stories to tell! AIR REMIX will be well documented with photos, videos and on social media. Each week we will film an interview on camera, a podcast and capture your work and experiments as they progress. Keeping it under wraps won’t be an option. If you are thinking about or looking to patent, trademark, copyright or commercialize your work, you will be responsible for taking appropriate action to protect the intellectual property rights to your work.

Do I get to keep my work right away?

We want to show off what you created! We require that MadeMill retains your work, or a recording or copy of your work if it’s intangible, for 6 months after completing your residency. Afterwards, it’s up to you to decide where it goes.

Can I apply even if I don’t live in Ottawa? Or Canada?

We are open to applications from across Canada and internationally, however you are responsible for arranging travel (including visa or related permits), food and accommodations. There will be virtual residency spots in the future, but we encourage you to try Ottawa, to gain access to the diverse equipment we have at MadeMill and the talented support staff.

Are we all ages?

Unfortunately from a liability standpoint you need to be 18 years of age or older

Do we have any limitations on the type of art?

All art forms are welcome, but we will not accept any submissions depicting pornography, overt violence, hate speech, discrimination, defamation, or racist content. We will not accept submissions that marginalize any identified group or that violates the intellectual property of any individual or organization.

What kind of mess can I make?

We believe art isn’t always clean, that being said, MadeMill also serves clients and we need to keep the shop tidy. You can make a mess, but at the end of the day, we need to keep our environment clean, safe and accessible for staff, clients and artists. This means using the Makerspace for work that produces debris (sawdust etc), loud noise, involves anything that can spill (paint drops etc), is toxic, or has strong odours. During your time working at MadeMill, you will be required to wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment and keep a clear and safe work space.

What if I am not successful during the first call? Is there another opportunity?

This is the first of 2 call outs we are issuing for participants. If you are not selected this round, we are holding a second round of callouts in early spring 2018 to which you may re-apply

How do I get selected for my spot?

Submissions will be vetted for feasibility by MadeMill first, and a shortlist of candidates will be presented to a jury of leading Arts, Media, Manufacturing and Tech leaders for final selection. The jury will be scoring based on such factors as innovation, creativity, and your portfolio

When does the jury make its selection?

The Jury is being convened during October, 2018 and will be making selections in early November.

How do I increase my odds of being selected?

Think big, but keep in mind you have 3 weeks to accomplish your project and time moves fast. We are looking for innovative uses of disruptive technology that will push the boundaries of your artform

How will I be notified?

You will be notified through email and /or by phone the week of November 21st, 2018

Is this a bilingual environment?

Not all staff are bilingual, Thomas Radford can help facilitate english to french as needed

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Thomas Radford, Programs Manager for MadeMill. Feel free to call 613 413 2062, or by email at

Who shouldn't apply?

If you are an employee of prototypeD, Invest Ottawa, Bayview Yards, or FedDev Ontario, you are ineligible

What do you need to bring?

A strong sense of curiosity, a willingness to self direct, learn and share, and whatever personal equipment your project requires. If your personal equipment is too large and incompatible with MadeMill’s space, you will not be able to use it.

How do I get paid?

MadeMill will provide payment through an e-transfer, once a week, upon receiving an invoice for your time and supplies. Invoices must all be made out to prototypeD TEAM Inc.

Is there a supply budget?

Yes, you are eligible for up to $450 for supplies. Supplies can be physical materials, software and equipment for your project. You are responsible for making supply purchases and they must be made during the residency period. Supplies Purchased prior to your residency period will not be reimbursed. Purchases must be approved prior to purchasing by either Rebecca Black, MadeMill’s Operation Manager, or Thomas Radford, Programs Manager

How do I make an invoice?

If you do not have a template for an invoice, MadeMill can provide one. Invoices must have your name, address, postal code, phone number, the amount owing and date created. Invoices are to be made out to prototypeD TEAM inc. Invoices must include prototypeD’s address, phone number, and postal code. If you have purchased supplies, please include on your invoice, and provide a receipt and proof of payment

How do I get reimbursed for supplies I purchase?

You will issue an invoice to prototypeD and will be reimbursed through an e-transfer, we require a receipt and proof of payment. You can provide one invoice for both supplies and fees

How do I create an HST Number?

Canada Revenue Agency states that you need an HST number if you provide taxable supplies above a threshold amount and you are not a “small supplier” under the agency’s definitions. If you determine that the rules require that you register for HST, then you can get a HST number in one of three ways

Over the web via Business Registration Online (BRO)

Over the phone by calling the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-5525.

By downloading RC1-Request for a Business Number, filling out the form and mailing it to the Canada Revenue Agency

Does MadeMill have storage?

Limited storage for material is available at MadeMill, large materials should be taken off-site at night and we ask you seek prior approval for materials stored on site from Thomas Radford. You are responsible for ensuring materials are stored properly and safely

What are the operating hours?

MadeMill will be open for artists 10 AM - 7 PM daily, Tuesday through Saturday. Flexible scheduling may be requested and will be considered upon availability of support staff

What happens if I get hurt?

You are required to follow all staff instructions regarding safety and wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment at all times. If an accident does happen, MadeMill staff will follow appropriate first aid steps

What about insurance? Do I need WSIB?

You are to arrange for insurance in advance, if needed

What are the legal agreements I will have to sign?

You will be required to sign a service contract with MadeMil (outlining roles, responsibilities, legal requirements and deliverables for both MadeMill and you), a non disclosure agreement (we work on a lot confidential projects, some of which you won’t be able to talk about) and a Code of Conduct (a list of do’s and don’t do’s while working at MadeMill)

How do I access equipment?

In the Makerspace and Digital Media Lab, certain pieces of equipment are off limits for you to operate (CNC machine, Waterjet Cutter, Welding equipment and Bandsaw to name a few). Makerspace staff will be available to use that equipment on your behalf and help translate your designs into something tangible, with limited Makerspace Director time, and up to 1 hour of Makerspace Assistant time. Scheduling time and machine access will be done using Doodle. Exceptions may be possible (at our sole discretion) based on your previous experience and training using that sort of machinery, but that will be decided by MadeMill on a case by case basis, with your safety being paramount. To book machine time or staff support, we will be using Doodle, a simple online calendar that will allow you to book what is needed.

What happens if my project doesn't work?

We understand that you might be working with technology and equipment that may be new to you, and there’s a learning curve, your project may change as you work through the creative process. We encourage you to experiment, to try new things, and keep an open mind when pursuing your project. If things aren’t working out for you, or on our end, MadeMill reserves the right to terminate your contract. You may also terminate your contract.



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