Matterport 3D Camera

Move your space into virtual reality with prototypeD.


3D Camera

Capturing 3D Spaces

Matterport Camera allows the prototypeD team it capture a dynamic collection of 3D spaces and move them into the cloud. These spaces included houses, businesses, public areas, shopping centres, hospitals, or anywhere you might want to develop an interactive tour.

prototypeD makes this technology and service available in a way that is affordable and easy. We also provide you with the training you need to share these spaces via social media or embed them into your website.


Interactive Tours

Matterport Interactive Tours can be rapidly created by prototypeD to allow for realtors, brokers, builders, and developers to rapidly capture and develop interactive tours through real-world. These tours are simple to share via web and social media, and create an experience that surpasses regular photography.

Architectural Resources

Matterport models are to scale, meaning they can be utilized by architectural designers, conservationists, estimators and appraisers, financial institutions, engineers and many other professions who require highly detailed architectural documentation.


How it works.

prototypeD's trained staff come to your location and perform a complete 3D scan of your space in 5 simple steps.

  • To scan a standard house or business takes about an hour (2000 sq.ft.)
  • This scan is uploaded into the cloud and a 3D model is created.
  • Once this scan is complete, our team adds any Tags (information pins) into your scan to make these tours meaningful.
  • We send you a link to the scan and also am embed code which can be added to social media or your site.
  • We host your scan for a year for FREE. After one year, you can renew your hosting or do another scan.

Plan your 3D Scan

The prototypeD team is ready to make your scan happen.

Let's plan it out. In just a couple of steps you can get a simple estimate and be ready to book your appointment.

Here is our process:

  • Enter your contact details
  • Enter the address of the location to scan.
  • Provide the estimated floor area.
  • Enter the number of floors.
  • Submit your request. Our team will contact you within 1 business day to book a date.
Are you ready? We can't wait to get started!


About your Location

Note: Matterport is an interior architectural scanning device. Exterior scans are only possible under certain conditions, and at close range.

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How should our team contact you?
We will strive to answer all requests within 1 business day.
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